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Make EV charging user friendly, finally

The marketplace oportunity in the eMobility sector.
swey developed the first solution to enhance the Electric Vehicle charging user experience itself,
to work aginst the “charging anxietey” which is a mass market problem.

Enrich your existing App map with location based advertising close to your customers

The aim is to build a strong B2B partnership network in the backend in order to be able to inspire our users (individual and corporate customers) with convincing additional offers around eMobility in the affiliate and add-on service area.


Offers available and constantly growing
(pilot phase)

Allready integrated Ad Partners

Integrates easily into your existing offer.

swey always pays attention to the easiest possible integration with its products for the customer, so that a lot can be achieved with little effort and high revenue can be generated.

Easy API integration

Our API can be easily integrated in your system and delivers all needed data.

Alternative Layer Solution

Alternativ to the API we can offer a layer solution which makes it even easyer to integrate.

Additional Revenue Modell

Just contact us. There are vaarious szenarios which offers additional revenue.

Filterable Ad Database

We are offering an individuall/exclusive filterset to match the offers to your need.

Your App stays your App

Integrating our API lets you define how UX & UI in your Application will be.

What would it look like?

You can define it yourself

Ad & Marker

It is your choice...


wether it is UI....

Ad & Marker

or Ux.


How does the API work?

After a technical briefing we can provide an API which fits your technical infrastructure within 1-2 days.

Can I decide which Ads are Shown?

Yes, even client can get an on entity and an own Filter to provide the best matching offer.

How does it fit into our application and CI?

If you use our API we deliver the needed raw data and you can decide how you would like to integrate it from UX & UI perspective.

Do we get a revenue share?

Yes, swey is providing a revenue share model.

Contact us.

If you are interested in an innovation exchange on the subject of E-Mobility, please contact us

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