Digital Out-of-Home Advertising for a target group

with purchasing power.

With the swey media network, we reach people who want to make good use of the waiting time until their electric vehicle is charged. This allows forward-thinking brand partners to reach high-value consumers – just before they enter a store.

Market swey is already reaching and the market potential.

The aim is to build a strong B2B partnership network in the backend in order to be able to inspire our users (individual and corporate customers) with convincing additional offers around eMobility in the affiliate and add-on service area.

Electric Vehicles Market Growth

Global Electric Vehicles in 2030

145 mio+

The swey principle

With swey we aggregate offer & affiliate Data, localizes these, and publish these via smart enhanced data to a wide range of endcustomers.

How does this work

With swey, advertisers can open a whole new  content and revenue channel without any extra effort or costs.

Using your System

To keep it simple we are using your given partnerprogram.

Enriched data

Together we will enrich the data for all things we need.

Swey is caring for the rest

Our API solves the rest and pushes the Ads into our partner network.

Extend your reach

With sewy you can extend your reach to a huge target group.

Additional revenue

By offering the new channel you can create additional revenue.

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