Let us Swey your mind!

Enhance the users charging experience. Offer shopping ads while charging.

We offer attractive shopping deals and local activities nearby. All integrated in your personal EMP app and just one click away.

We will make the EV charging experience enjoyable.

By connecting Electric Mobility Providers with attractive local businesses surrounding charging stations, we create additional value to the EV charging process. We can integrate localised shopping deals directly into the EMP app, clearly laid out in the map view and just one click away. 

Offering EV users several great ways to recharge while using the charging station. By making the whole charging experience more enjoyable and user friendly, we want to do our part in enhancing the success of e-mobility.

Let’s talk, regardless of whether you want to exchange ideas, open a new revenue stream as a partner or create a new opportunity as an investor.

Swey in press:

Swey macht das Laden von E-Autos zum Erlebnis

Swey for Electric Mobility Providers

Give your customers the chance to recharge while using one of your services.

Swey for Advertisers & Local Businesses

Attract customers by offering special deals in map view of different apps.

swey extends the charging experience

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 Let’s change the future of e-mobility together!